How to Report a Cyber Crime?

If you are a victim of cybercrime, timely reporting can prevent further breaches and protect existing data. Report it under the guidance of cybersecurity experts and future-proof your organisation from further attacks.

How to Respond to a Cyber Crime?

With the increase in the number of cyber-attacks, it is imperative that companies know how to respond to threats. Immediate response limits further breaches and ultimately eliminate fraudulent attack.



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There are certain threats which are industry specific, these require technological as well as industry updates of prevailing best practices.


Malicious websites and emails are a common route for these attacks. Access our compiled list and prepare yourself from different cases, which your peers have registered.

Global Cyber Attack

Keeping inline with our vigilance efforts we also track international attacks with overreaching implication.

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We at CCR provide Advice, Guidance, and Consulting for all your CyberSecurity needs.

Our specialized team helps High Attached Businesses and Industries anonymously report instances of cybercrime. Our service mentality has always made us focus on NGOs for their cyber protection needs. By providing and connecting our clients with cyber experts, we future-proof them from any further breaches. Our discounted rates and high quality of service are what sets us apart from the competition.

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Extensive Automation and Preparation

The comprehensive automation of CCR's countermeasures and the establishment of a large database of contacts at ISPs, Registrars, DNS Providers, and Hosting Firms allow improved responses to be launched immediately once a complaint has been validated.

Wide Variety of Attack Types

Our countermeasures service allows users to choose from a wide variety of attacks to get rid of unwanted material. Delivering takedowns for several types of attacks enables CCR to efficiently locate the harmful material and notify the necessary parties for the required action. CCR ensures a quick response by automatically identifying the type of attack.

Local Law Enforcement Agency

CCR will locate, communicate and work along with law enforcement agencies located within the jurisdiction of the hosting company. By engaging with hosting companies to protect, and recollect any data logs, files, or other important info left behind by the fraudster.


Get Your Answers.

It was shown that 78% of Canadian firms had at least one cyber-attack within a year.

Please call your local police department at (911) or the RCMP if you think a cyber-attack has taken place.

  • Read about the most recent techniques used by hackers to develop phishing schemes and acquire your data.
  • To reduce unwanted assaults and threats, install a firewall on your computer.
  • When opening emails and clicking links, proceed with care. While obtaining material from sites that are not verified, you should read carefully.
  • For each website that stores sensitive information, create strong passwords.

The two most popular methods of identity theft are a kind of cybercrime in which criminals utilise the internet to obtain other people's personal information.

These are tools a cybercriminal could employ to gain unauthorised access and steal information from a victim as part of an attack.

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Connecting the dots

When it comes to cybersecurity, “Prevention is better than cure”. So, if you don’t have a solid cybersecurity framework in place, get yourself one RIGHT NOW and you’ll thank us later.

CCR is the one-stop solution if you are the victim of a cybercrime. We help you through each stage of the process to find the right solution. By anonymously getting you the help you need, we make sure that the name of the business does not tamper. Our wide range of cybersecurity services will ensure that you are protected from all future cybersecurity problems.

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